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BrainGate™: Turning Thoughts into Action.

The concept of using thought to move a robotic device, a wheelchair, a prosthetic, or a computer was once strictly the stuff of science fiction, but no longer. BrainGate™ collects and analyzes the brainwaves of individuals with pronounced physical disabilities, turning thoughts into actions. The potential to better communicate, interact, and improve people’s way of life is about to explode.

Years of advanced research by world-renowned experts at prestigious universities—including Brown, Harvard, Emory, MIT, Columbia, and the University of Utah—has resulted in the development of BrainGate™, a life-changing technology and device that gives renewed hope to paraplegics, quadriplegics and others suffering from spinal cord injuries and strokes. Eventually, it has the potential to revolutionize the way all of our brains work.

BrainGate has been featured on broadcasts such as 60 Minutes and in publications including Popular Mechanics, Nature and Wired.

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BrainGate, developer of over 30 patented technologies...